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Stone in China

A look at the current situation of china stone industry

China has turned into a natural stone giant with rapid development, particularly in the last five years. China stone industry have been increasing in both natural stone production and handling imports and exports.. Some centres of Chinese stone processing have been created mainly in Shandong, Fujian and Guangdong. Their chief function is to process local and imported materials into products for decorative interior finishing. Large quantities of natural stone are also imported for processing into gravestones for the Japanese, Korean, USA, and European market. The annual sales value is about 500 million US dollars. About 50,000 companies currently operate in the stone sector in China. Their annual slab production is 160 – 180 million square metres.

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Locating in Fujian province, china stone factory,stone manufacturer,stone exporterWe has been committed to providing our customers with the finest china stone products:
1.)Building material: Chinese granite, Chinese marble, slate & Quartz, sandstone...
2.)Indoor products: granite counter tops, vanity tops, sink & bowl, fireplace, pattern & mosaic, line & column...
3.)Tombstone: UK headstone, European kerb set, American monument, memorial stone, urn, status, bench...
4.)Garden stones: paving stone, cube stone, kerbstone, palisade, riser & stair, fountain,granite slab factory,granite exporter lantern, stone table, stone carving ...

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the success of your company in china stone business. We believe this is achieved through controlling our costs of producing stone products and offering you extremely competitive pricing. In addition, we invest in building new stone factories and have a quality control team so that you can get any size order filled within a few days.Workers polishing granite countertop

We continue to improve and add to our stone product line. Please review this, our latest and most complete stone products online catalogue. You will see that we carry the widest variety of styles and parts china stone industry.

Our pledge to you is to stay responsive to your needs, maintain stone product quality well above china stone industry standards, and offer you a very competitive price.

We appreciate your business and look forward to supplying you with most of your needs with all kinds of china stone.Sincerely,

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